Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey There Good Lookin'

We picked up Baron's first glasses on Friday. We could not get them anywhere near his face without pinning his arms and forcing them on. We knew we needed a new strategy, but what? Greg took out his contacts and put on his glasses. Then he opened up to watch some highlights and voila! Baron left his glasses on to enjoy some basketball with his fellow-four-eyed father!

The next day, if you could get his glasses on without him throwing them across the room, he would generally leave them there for an hour or two, depending on what he was doing. He got excited when we read some colorful books and seemed to look at them with a new clarity. I was surprised to see how strong his prescription was in his bad eye. It's completely blurry for me to look through. Yikes! Who knew he wasn't seeing like the rest of us?!
I took Baron up to our bathroom to introduce him to his new self in the mirror. I am so glad he is doing better at keeping them on. He's still my super handsome little fella, but now he can SEE!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When I was a child I spent my time running around the neighbourhood playing with my friends, going to the park, and each other's houses and the only thing I worried about was being home in time for dinner.

The times have changed since then and in order for Layla to play with her friends outside of school I need to find out who the parent's are (if I don't already know), get their phone numbers and call to arrange a scheduled "play date". I don't mind this really. I am glad I will know a lot of the parent's of the children who she will likely be going to school with until graduation.
The last few weekends we have been host to some great play dates. We all have fun. Greg chases the kids and swings them around. I chip in on the swinging but I am not as effective of a chaser. Not scary enough. Baron loves chasing too and they are very good about keeping him involved.
Here's some of the highlights.

Friday, January 1, 2010

"I Didn't Know about this Day!"

It's 1100pm New Year's Eve and Layla and Greg are still outside shovelling snow from the front driveway for the fort they are building in the back when Layla exclaims, "I didn't know about this day! This is the best day ever!!" - referring to the ever popular children's holiday, New Year's!

Layla was disappointed when she heard the radio declare that this would not be a white Christmas this year. We assured her that there would be plenty of snow in Magrath. She was so excited to get to build a snowman when we got there but the snow was too soft and dry and did not stick together well enough to build anything.

We returned a few days later to find Oliver under a blanket of fresh snow. Our first day home was New Year's Eve and Layla and Greg decided to build a snow fort. There wasn't a huge amount of snow so Greg and Layla worked hard hauling snow from the front to the back.

The next day we were out early continuing to work on the fort. We took turns hauling snow from the front and watched as the fort came to life.
We all snuggled together inside the cozy fort. Even the dog tried to get in but we thought he might break it so he wasn't allowed.

This morning, after one day's worth of warm temperatures the fort has melted so much that the top of the doorway is touching the ground. Greg's 6+ hours of shovelling and our hard work is not all wasted though, Layla says it will make a great slide.