Monday, September 29, 2008

Me and My Little Ones

As a mom, it seems like I am always the one behind the camera instead of in the picture. Even though I prefer it this way alot of the time, I always end up looking back and wishing I had more photos with the kids and me together. Here are some pictures Layla and I took the other day. Maybe one day I'll even get her to take some of Greg and I.
Baron is 8 weeks old tomorrow. He has nearly doubled his birth weight already. He has established a schedule of going to bed at 9 and getting up around 7. With a couple feeds in between of course.
Layla is also growing up. Her favorite shows on tv are anything medical. There is no grossing her out. She especially likes Dr G Medical Examiner and Medical Mysteries. She is now the sugar and salt police in our house since hearing the Dr's explain what too much does to our bodies. She doesn't want to get "The Beeties" and have to have insulin needles everyday. She doesn't ask for candy or chips anymore and poor Greg is trying to negotiate a bag of chips a week for himself. We are trying to teach her moderation but I like the no chip rule for Greg because he had a serious chip problem. She says she wants to be a paramedic when she grows up...that or a rockstar.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2022 Winter Olympics??

Yesterday Layla had her first figure skating class. It was also her first time in ice skates so it was pretty much a "get the feel of the ice" day. She looooved it. She was very focused on doing exactly what the teacher said, despite kids crying and wiping out all around her. She had her fair of falls too but quickly figured out how to get back up on her own and "skated" around picking up balls of the ice, which was the activity of the day.

She had been excited about this for the last two weeks since we signed her up. She stayed after practice and watched the teenage girls in their fancy little outfits skate around. Then she checked out the trophy case and asked why she hadn't gotten a medal that day.

Being 4, Layla has not fallen asleep in our car for as long as I can remember. Not even when we drove 12 hrs to Edmonton in June, but after practice she was zonked out in her booster seat within 5 minutes. One minute she was singing If You're Happy and You Know It, the next she was asleep and stayed that way while Greg and I cruised. Hey, it's not too often we get to talk to each other without any interuptions so we took advantage.
Today I bought the cutest t shirt from the Bay's Vancouver Olympics line featuring an image of a figure skater. I'm glad she loves it so much, despite still not being able to really skate yet. It's only a matter of time...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sr Bournes meet newest Grandson

For the past few days we have had Grandma and Grandpa Bourne visit us from Magrath, AB. This was their first chance to meet little Baron, and their second visit to our new home in Oliver.

Baron was on his best behaviour and won over their hearts. He has even slept through the night for 4 nights now. Hopefully that lasts but I know from experience that it may not.

Living in the Okanagan is great, but since Greg and I have no family here and a newborn, we don't get a lot of opportunity to escape the kids for some one on one time. The Bournes allowed us to escape for a movie date on Tuesday, and a golf game on Wednesday. It was awesome. Greg works for a beautiful golf course on the side of a mountain overlooking Lake Osoyoos. It has absolutely stunning views. It was 28 degrees, perfect golf weather. The golf game, cart, drinks and snacks were all free perks with Greg's job:) Plus, I had the best golf game ever making for the best date I've had in years.

We did manage to spend time with the Bournes as well. We did our usual long walks every day and bbq'ed and visited.

We have had much more company since living 12 hours away, than we ever had living 5 minutes away from most of our friends and family. We love entertaining here and look forward to more visits soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Doggy Playdate

Yesterday my friend, Magda, came to visit us and the new baby. She brought her jack russel terrior, Jake, and her 13 week old Chihuaha, Oscar. Layla was thrilled, as was Chester. Every time we visit with Magda, Layla begs for a little dog for weeks after.

Baron slept the entire 3 hours she was here, waking up as she pulled out of the driveway of course. Layla harrassed, I mean played, with Oscar the whole time. She introduced him to her stuffed animals, had races with him outside, took him for a walk in her doll stroller, and carried him around like one of her dolls the whole time (he only weighs 4 lbs). We were happy to finish the visit without Chester lifting his leg and peeing on any of the guests, as has happened from time to time and is verrrrry embarassing.

"Hold still I have to tell you a secret."

"Ooh! Tell me more!"

Who's got the competition here.