Monday, June 29, 2009

Off Roadin' with Layla & Baron

As you may have noticed we go for a lot of walks. We try to mix it up for Layla so she doesn't get bored. Sometimes she brings her bike, sometimes she roller skates, but today she drove.

We packed up her jeep and brought it to the path at the end of our street. With Baron by her side she led the way in her pink Barbie jeep.

She did a great job controlling her jeep. She even mastered manning the radio while driving without driving off the road.

We stopped about along the way for a quick dip in the river. There is a make shift pool that Layla enjoys playing in.

Then we were back on the path headed for home. Her and Baron both really seemed to enjoy the change of pace. Baron didn't even try to wriggle his way out of his seat belt which I had thought he probably might. I imagine she will be begging for this opportunity again all summer long.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baron Joins the Party

When I take my kids to the beach it is sometimes difficult to manage a baby on the shore and a 4 year old in the water. I had taken Baron out in the water in my arms but he seems set on me flashing everyone else there by consistently trying to pull my swimsuit top off. I had seen pictures of my niece, Eloise, floating around in her pool in some sort of baby floatie and decided I need one.

It didn`t take long to find one. Actually I found it at the convenient store down the street. Yesterday afternoon we headed over to Tuc Ul Nuit Lake in Oliver to try it out for the first time. Greg thought that since it was only 26˚ C that it was too cold for Baron to go in the water. He played on the sand for awhile and then I sat him in the water on the shore to see how he reacted. He loved it.

Meanwhile Layla made a friend and was looking for tadpoles, practicing her swimming, and having a good time.

So then I figured he was used to the water, which in the summer is about 23˚ C. We put him in the floatie and he spent the rest of the afternoon floating around the lake with a big grin on his face. Our beach days when Greg is at work just got a LOT easier, and more enjoyable. What a wonderful invention.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Layla's Preschool Graduation

Yesterday was Layla's graduation from the Inkameep Preschool (Nk'mip). She was so excited she could hardly stand it! She had the day off school so I took her to Penticton and let her pick out a new dress to wear. She saw a lady stocking shelves at Walmart and ran up to her and told her she was looking for a new dress for graduation. Layla told her just what she was looking for and even though she was not a salesperson she kindly took some time to show Layla all of the dressy clothes they had in stock.

When Greg got home from work he surprised her with flowers and a card. She loved them. What a lucky girl to have a Dad that cares enough to make her feel so special on her "big day".

After supper we headed over to her school for the graduation ceremonies. It was difficult to hold back the tears when she walked out in her little cap and gown but thankfully I was able to hold it together.

Her class stood and sang a number of songs including Slippery Fish, I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee, 10 Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed, the Inkameep Preschool Song, and a song about graduating preschool and heading to kindergarten. They also recited a poem about how they had grown over the past year. They did a fabulous job.
When that was done they received their diplomas and a scrapbook of photos and crafts they had done in class.
This was followed by cupcakes they had baked at school the day prior, cake and tea.

Layla with Teacher Shannon and Teacher Kathy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oliver Spray Park

For the last couple of days we have had beautiful weather in the mornings and then the threat of thunder showers in the afternoons. On Saturday we had planned to go to the beach but by the time Greg got home from work, we battled a brown recluse, and drove to OK falls the 32 degrees had turned to a chilly wind, and dark skies. Since we were already there we played at the park at the beach and then headed back home. The forecast was the same for Sunday so I didn't want to disappoint Layla by waiting for Greg to get home and miss the great weather. I packed up the kids but didn't say where we were going, this way I could back out if it was too crowded or the weather changed. We drove past the Oliver spray park and there were only a few families there so I pulled in.
Layla was so excited. We hadn't been there yet this year since they turned the water on. After reading my sister, Sara's blog about their spray park adventures in the city I was reminded why I enjoy living in a smaller community. Layla quickly found a friend who had attended her preschool last year and they played together. They were joined by another boy from the preschool about an hour later. We spent about an hour and a half there until Baron decided it was time to go.
Layla was showing off for her friend by doing tricks on the bars. Here she is swinging from one arm. Despite the other boys being a year older, Layla was the strongest and fastest of the bunch but she'll always play it cool, like she's not trying. I know otherwise. Once in awhile you'll see her get excited but she tries not to show it. I overheard some other parents remark on her physical abilities. In fact, I was told by some parents on their way out what a little athlete she looks like, and someone else told me she looks like a little gymnast. She would have been very happy to hear this as she loves her gymnastics class and works very hard at it. She gets that from her dad who also was very competitive and hard working at a young age.
We had a great time. I was so happy she found some friends to play with so I could spend my time pushing Baron on the swings or sitting in the shade.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chester Goes to Preschool

Today Greg had the day off and Layla asked if she could walk to school. We haven't walked there before but thought it might be a nice way to start our day. We drove to the edge of Oliver so we didn't have to walk on the highway. When we parked we realized we didn't have Chester's leash so Greg and the dog went back home while Baron, Layla and I started the walk to school.

Here's Greg trying to catch up with us once he got the leash for Chester.

This is Layla and I walking up the road to the school.

We made better time than we thought we would (only about 20 minutes each way) so we arrived early for school. I'm usually early anyway so Layla can play at the park for 5 or 10 minutes before she goes in for school. There are a few of us that do this so when we got there with Chester the kids came running over to see. Chester was really excited too and just stood there with his tail wagging as the kids gave him some love.

Here's a few of Layla's friends with Chester. The girl at Chester's head has her own English Mastiff at home.

This is a picture of some cacti in bloom, or starting to bloom.

We had parked our car by the lake so when we got back we had to let Chester cool off. Of course we joined him.