Monday, February 23, 2009

The Chief

My baby Bare is a beast and I mean that in the absolute most endearing way. He is referred to as many many names, least of all, Baron. We call him Big Bare, Kesey (pronounced "Key-Zee"), Bare Bare, Lil Bare, Lil Kesey, Chief (which was Ken Kesey's nickname), Baby Bare, Boss, Beast, Bare, Little Man, to name a few. He likes it, I can tell.

On Thursday he was napping late and Layla had to get to skating so to wake him up I decided to take pictures of him. He, like his Dad, often sleeps with his eyes somewhat open. Layla does it too, I guess I'm the odd man out in this house for actually closing my eyes to sleep. The first couple of clicks didn't phase him.

Then he wakes up with obvious confusion.

He realizes his mommy is their and flashes his heart warming smile!


I love my lil' man!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

I thought I'd start with some beautiful swans that live in Skaha Lake here to set the mood. In the last picture you may also notice some other sort of vermin swimming in the opposite direction in front of the swan. These pictures were taken around the end of January.

Greg asked that we dress up for Valentine's Day even though we were staying home. Layla lives in dresses so she was very excited for her mom and dad to dress up as well. It really reminded us how much weight Greg has lost since he was swimming in his suit!

Greg worked during the day and came home with a rose for me and one for Layla as well. He also brought a DQ ice cream cake, my favourite, and had a delicious meal planned.
We received a fondue set awhile ago as a gift and decided to make use of that as well since Layla's only request for V day was strawberries.

After dinner we played some music and danced as we so often do. Layla gave Greg a hard time over his shoe choice. She took a picture and I thought it was cute.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Prep

Layla has been really excited for Valentine's Day. It is her first time celebrating the holiday since she started school (pre-school) so was really looking forward to giving her friends valentine's cards. In a moment of insanity I suggested that instead of simply buying some cards, we make our own. She thought that was an awesome idea! We went to the store and bought all of the supplies we would need, including some chocolate hearts to stick inside.
We spent yesterday cutting, drawing, and pasting 23 Valentine's Day cards. The worst part for her was having to sign her name on each one. At one point she decided she was sick of writing "Layla" so she though she would just put random letters and numbers. Obviously that doesn't work so we had to redo those ones.
Today she got to take them to school and put one in each of the boxes the students had prepared. I think it was the best day Layla has had at school so far. She loved going through and reading each one she received when she got home...and I'll admit, it was fun for me too.
Happy Valentine's Day!