Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Food, Good Golf, and Great Company

The past few days we were lucky enough to have my parents visit from Edmonton. We had them over for dinner a few times and they took us out to Boston Pizza for lunch the day they left.

We haven't taken Baron out to eat since we went to Washington with the Woolf's back in April so this was a pretty big deal for him. He had more fun than anyone else! Papa was lucky enough to score a seat right next to the Chief. Baron loves food, but he also loves to share. Papa spent much of lunch humoring Baron who was offering up his own food for Papa to try. He was clapping and cheering throughout lunch and had a blast trying a bit of every one's meals. I think it also added to his excitement that his high chair was pulled right up to the table, as opposed to a tray on his chair. I think he felt more involved. Whatever the reason, I think it was the highlight of his summer.

Greg and I were also able to get out with Dad for 9 holes of golf at Sonora Dunes in Osoyoos. The beautiful course is set right next to the resort where Mom and Dad were staying, Spirit Ridge, which is also where Greg works. We also hit up the pool and waterslide at the resort, as Layla never would have forgiven us if missed that opportunity. During our golf game, Mom stayed at my house and got reacquainted with Baron, Layla and Chester.

Here's a few shots of us at Sonora Dunes. The views from the course are outstanding!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer is Back On!

Well, our little cold spell didn't last very long and we are back up into the high 30s. Yesterday our overnight low was only 26 degrees!

Wednesday, Greg and I both had the day off so we decided it was time we try our hand at bridge jumping. There is a long bridge that crosses Skaha Lake in OK Falls that used to be a railroad track but is now a walking bridge. There is an opening on the bridge where people, mostly teenagers, jump off. There is a ladder to climb back up or you can have a boat pick you up as we witnessed the other day.

We got there at 11am, hoping to avoid a crowd but I guess we didn't get there early enough! There were loads of people! Families, mostly. We went for a small walk, hoping that when we got back they would have left. Well, it sort of worked. There were still people jumping, still people watching but we had seen a few brave teenagers climb the railing and jump off the other side so they didn't have to wait a turn to get out of the gate. When you use the gate there is a 4 foot step down so it is not as high to jump. Add in the height of the railing and you are probably adding 8 feet to the already high jump. (high in my standards anyway, I am working on overcoming a lifelong fear of water and heights)

So, we decided to skip the line up and jump off the other side. Oh yes we did! Greg was more afraid than I was so I went first. I must admit, I was TERRIFIED but I tried not to think about it and whoosh! I jumped! It was so exhilarating, I can't even tell you! So, I jumped again. Greg went a few times too. Layla wanted to jump but it is obviously too high for her, so we promised her we would go swing off the rope into the river after supper.

I love how this one looks like Greg is standing on the water.

After we were done at the bridge we went to the OK Falls beach for a swim.

Baron was tired so we went home, had a bbq, and then headed to the river. Layla had done this once before but we were not prepared that day. This time we had our swimsuits and even Layla's PFD. (On a side note: I made, or shall I say "altered" the swimsuit I am wearing. It used to be an old tankini that no longer fit me. One of the many items I have sewed or altered this year.)

Baron and Chester watched as the rest of us swung out into the river and swam. Layla impressed us with her ability to swim up stream, mind you the current is not very strong but we were still impressed. She had a blast swinging out into the river. I would let her go under and then quickly snatch her out.

Soon, summer will be over, Layla will be in school and everything here will be slowed down. After the summer we've had this year, I'm ready for a nice relaxing autumn.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monkeying Around

Our heat wave ended, thankfully, but the past few days have been down right COLD! I even had a patient come into the lab wearing a parka. Yes, a full fledged, fur lined parka, hood up and all. He was a grumpy old fellow and complained about the "freezing cold" the whole time he was there. It was about 830 in the morning at the time. Our low over night had been 17 and we got up to 27 that day so the temperature had to be somewhere in between. Not exactly parka weather, but I have to admit...I have been sporting my warmest PJ's, including slippers and snuggling into a warm blanket at home. The forecast has yet to predict anything under 25 but I swear the last few days didn't even reach 20, and with the rain and the wind chill I would bet it was only..umm.. 5 degrees tops! It's cold I'm telling you...COLD!

I had to laugh to myself as we drove past the beach today and watched all the poor shivering tourists try to get the most out of their vacation. What troopers they are to take on the beach during weather like this. I have to keep reminding myself that summer is not really over, there is more to come, this is just a few "off" days. It feels like October. OK, I'll stop complaining about the weather, I know it's not that bad.

Today I took the kids to the park. It's not raining today but that wind is still blowing around. The kids were going crazy stuck in our house for the past few days so they were anxious and excited. Baron loves the park. He still enjoys a good swing but now he would rather crawl all over any and all play structures he can.

My little Layla is getting so big! Just turned 5, starting school in 2 weeks, and today she mastered the monkey bars! She told me she could do them but I was sceptical. Alas, she climbs right up and away she goes. All the way across! She loves them. My little monkey stayed on those bars most of the time we were there. Her poor little hands are sore now but at least she had fun. She also learned how to swing from her knees and told me she can't wait to show everyone at school. It seems like just yesterday she was waddling around the house squealing "I did it! I did it!".

You never really understand until you have your own but it is true what they say, they grow up waaaay too fast!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heat Wave

BC has been in the midst of a heat wave. I love the heat but after weeks of getting to 35-45 degrees your mind starts to get a little loopy. Our home is equipped with central A/C but the needle on our thermostat has been at the max reading, which is 30. On Thursday I got our power bill and decided that since the A/C didn't seem to be making much of a difference on our temp, but a huge difference on our bill...I made the executive decision to turn it off.

The next day I left Greg and the kids for a weekend house boating excursion. When Greg got home from work on Friday this is what he found.

At first Greg began to question Layla about the candles until he realized that the only culprit capable of bending the candles that way was extreme heat. They melted so much that they now touch the table.

So I guess the A/C was making a difference. I'll say it... I WAS WRONG.

My first day back from my trip we found better ways of beating the heat. We went on 2 walks that day and they both resulted in spontaneous dips in the river with all of our clothes on. So much fun!

Ugh, I can't get the videos of us all swinging into the river uploaded here so you will just have to use your imagination. Greg and I swung out by ourselves and then tried holding on together and swinging which took us way farther into the river. Great great fun.