Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baron B's Birthday

Since we were with family and Baron's 1st birthday was only days away we decided to throw him a little party.

Baron loved his cupcakes, I think even even ate two of them.

It was the end of a long day spent at Magrath days and little Baron was very tired but he did manage to stay awake long enough to open his presents. Big sister Layla was more than willing to help.

My baby is getting so big! He is a ball of energy, just like his sister. He loves to say "uh oh!" and "dad". I do get an occasional "mom" but only when he needs something. He will smile at anyone who makes eye contact with him although he usually turns his head into my chest giving the cutest shy little smile ever. Baron loves the water, going for walks, playing with Layla and Chester and most of all, FOOD. If you haven't met him yet, I suggest you do...He is amazing! Happy Birthday Baron B!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More of Our Magrath Trip

There was more to our trip to Magrath than Magrath Days itself. The first day we were there we spent visiting with most of the kid's grandparents. We had lunch with my parents who happened to be in Lethbridge at the same time as us. We had a great bbq but somehow Papa managed to elude the camera. Smooth Papa.

After lunch with them we headed over to Greg's Grandma's house, also in Lethbridge and had a nice visit with her.

The evening was spent with Grandma and Grandpa Bourne in Magrath where we were treated to another bbq. Mmmmm. In fact I think every meal we ate on our trip was barbecued but each time a different meat. Yes, we were spoiled.

Layla even managed to find time to obtain her tractor driver's licence. So if any of you need any work done you can call her for a quote.

Layla found relief from the heat in a sled filled with water. Good idea Grandpa.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Magrath Days 2009

The past weekend we travelled back to Magrath, Ab to attend Greg's hometown annual celebrations, Magrath Days. The last time we had been was in 2005 when Layla was only 1 year old. The day started with a parade. Layla figured out very quickly that when she waved and made eye contact she always got thrown candy.
The result was the most candy I have ever seen. By the end she was only picking up the candy she deemed worthy and left the rest on the street.
Shortly after the parade, the children's races began. Layla was so excited to run her first race. When they said go she froze until a nudge from Greg and she was off. The look of focus and determination on her face was priceless but because I was so into watching her I didn't get a good picture. My girlie was the fastest one there and although there were no official winners I declare Layla wins 1st place!
At the last minute Layla asked Greg to join in the adult races. He slipped off his flip flops and lined up with the rest of them. He also got a late start off the line but blew by everyone to cross the finish first! Layla was so excited that he won and still talks about it. Greg used to participate in the Magrath Day races as a kid so it was pretty cool that he got to do them again 20-some years later with his kids.
After the races we headed over to the petting zoo. Layla enjoyed all the animals but said she liked the little pot bellied pig the best. Later that afternoon while the kids were resting Greg and I brought Chester to Magrath Days and he lied down by the petting zoo and got his share of the petting going around. I think he was bigger than any of the animals they had there anyway.
Layla caught sight of the Magrath pool which was on the grounds where Magrath Days was being held. She convinced Greg and I to join her for a swim while Grandma Bourne monitored Baron on the pool deck. Layla had fun going off the diving board with her Dad.
On our walk with Chester around the festivities Greg spotted some basketball being played in the High School gym. Although he didn't know any of the 6 guys playing, they knew him and invited him to join. We went home and grabbed his gear but by the time we got back they were in their car's leaving. He convinced them to play one more. So they played 3 games on one end of the gym while I entertained myself on the other hoop. He was so excited to play in a gym again, it had been years since he had played anyone other than myself.
We ended the day with fireworks. Layla was exhausted by then...I think we all were. It was lots of fun, Layla is already asking us if we can go back to the next "Magrath party".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I thought I'd Never See The Day...

Chester and my niece, Charlie were born only months apart. The entire time we lived in Edmonton Charlie was deathly afraid of all dogs, and especially dogs the size of a full grown man.

Well on Charlie's visit to Oliver last week we all went on a walk and her and Chester bonded. Charlie held the leash, petting him as they walked along. Meanwhile, her mother, Sara nervously avoided getting within leash distance of the beast.

Charlie ended up walking him almost the whole time, giving Max a few turns to appease him but Charlie seemed to actually like, and care about Chester.

It makes me so happy to see Chester making new friends this late in his life, and I love seeing other children get to enjoy the feeling of being with an animal 5X their size. Unless you have experienced it, you just can't understand.

Layla's 5th Birthday Party

On Saturday we hosted a birthday party for Layla. She invited some friends from preschool, one from skating, and even had her cousins from Edmonton, Charlie and Max, come to help her celebrate turning 5.

The house was crazy. Kids everywhere. The kids started by decorating clay pots in which they planted some marigold seeds. After that we played pin-the-petal-on-the-flower where EVERYBODY IS A WINNER!

For the remainder of the party everyone just ran around and played played played. The kids loved taking turns in Layla's jeep. This little girl in the jeep is from Layla's preschool and her little brother was born the same day as Baron, in the same hospital. I don't know what I would have done without the help of my sister, Sara and Greg. There were kids in every corner. Despite the 35 degree afternoon heat, Greg chased the kids around, let them beat him and never once complained.

I threw together a worm cake and put some chocolate flowers on the sides. I guess I didn't really think that one threw as the cookie crumb topping just added more ammo to destroying my white carpets. Yes, I have white carpet in my kitchen eating area. Brilliant.

The only other boy there besides Max was a boy named Blake. He was hilarious. He is pretty quiet. He drove all the girls around in the jeep, helping out the ones who didn't know how it worked, manning the stereo, and even opening and closing doors for the little princess's. Although he did sort of slam the door closed on one girl and told Greg calmly, "she took too long". Funny funny boy.

Layla loved getting to show all of her friends her house and toys. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Baron slept through most of it and amongst the chaos managed to climb all the way to the top of our stairs unnoticed...that is until we heard him come tumbling down. He looked a bit stunned but didn't seem to be hurt, he didn't even cry. Thank goodness our stairs are covered in nice thick carpet.

Lots of fun, but I am so glad it's over. Thank goodness birthdays only come once a year.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Layla Turns 5

Layla turned 5 last Wednesday and it's been a party ever since. Greg had to work noon-8 that day so we put out Layla's gift (a new scooter) for her to find when she woke up. She was very excited to find it. We got her the scooter, a new helmet, new knee and elbow pads, a water bottle for her scooter, and an outfit. After she was done opening her presents we went for a walk so she could try out her new scooter.

We came back and by 1030 Greg had steak on the bbq. Layla had asked for steak and corn on the cob but since Greg was working late we had it for brunch instead of supper. Layla had picked out a cheesecake and strawberries for her birthday cake.

The next day her cousins Charlie and Max came from Edmonton and she had a friends birthday on the weekend but I think I'll have to tackle those events with separate blog entries.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fishing the Tuc El Nuit

You know those times where you see something really cool or rare and say to yourself, "Self! You should have brought your camera!" Today I had one of those moments but alas! I had my camera!

I was sitting at the Oliver beach with Layla and Baron when I noticed a hawk circling above. At least I think it was a hawk, you can correct me if I'm wrong. I started to reach for my camera when it nose dived towards the lake.

The huge bird disappeared into Tuc El Nuit lake only to emerge moments later with a fish in his claws.

I looked around at everyone else on the beach and in the lake and realized Layla and I had been the only ones to see it! Their loss, I guess. At least I captured some photos to share with you!