Sunday, August 31, 2008

Never send a Daddy to do a Mommy's Job

Shortly after I put Layla to bed last night, Greg and I heard soft footsteps upstairs. I sent Greg to get her back in bed and about 10 minutes later, Layla came prancing downstairs in Greg's bandana, with him following with a shameful grin.

Of course she looked too cute to scold so I got out the camera instead. Her and her Dad practiced making faces for all of the emotions she could remember (scared,sad,happy,surprised,etc). Then we all got puppy kisses and went back to bed, yes that is Chester's tongue slobbering up my lips and nose, uck.

I asked Greg how he got from putting her to bed, to dressing her up and he just shook his head and said he didn't know. My four year old has already learned to tap into her cuteness to get what she wants and although we often realize what she's doing, its still very difficult not to comply. I know, we have a looong road ahead.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visit from the Newly Weds

Despite missing their wedding on Saturday, we were lucky enough to have Emily and Allan visit with us in Oliver on their way to Seattle. They arrived Tuesday evening and stayed until Wednesday evening. With them, their friend Christian. No one was more excited than Layla to see "Princess Emily" as she was coined after Layla finished looking at all the wedding pictures with me.

We had a great couple of days giving them a tour of the area, attending wine tastings, barbecuing, eating ice cream and going for walks. These were the only 2 pictures I took but Emily has many more of which I will have to get copies. It's been very nice that so many of my family and friends have made it all the way over the mountains to visit us since we've lived here. We look forward to the rest of you coming in the upcoming years.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Good Apple

Baron was welcomed to our family August 5 via c section at Penticton Regional Hospital. Baron was born at 7lbs 5 oz and is now 3 weeks old and growing like a weed. Big sister Layla dotes on him like a little mommy and is very helpful to me, especially while I am nursing and can't get up. She answers the phone, lets the dog in and out, grabs diapers and such, anything I need. Chester has also welcomed Baron with open paws to the delight of the rest of us. He has shown no suspision, or well, any feelings at all towards Baron. It's just another day for the dog. What a good boy.

To our surprise, Baron was born with a rare disorder called Goldenhar's Syndrome. Diagnosis was given due to a lipodermoid on his eyeball and a skin tag close to his ear. We are hoping that he does not have any growths on his vertabrae as that is also associated with the disorder. We are told he has only a mild form of Goldenhar's but all we can do at this point is "wait and see" if any other problems arise. They removed the skin tag by tying a stitch around it while we were still in hospital but the lipodermoid will only be removed if it begins to disrupt his vision or eye function. This is not the same type of dermoid that I have struggled with over the years. The cause of Goldenhar's Syndrome is still unknown but I have been told that it is not at all related to my dermoid teratomas.

We now have what we think to be the perfect family, a daughter, son and loving dog so we are done contributing to my mom and dad's empire of grandchildren. Which hopefully means that I am done getting my abdomen cut open on almost a yearly basis. I guess the Bournes are starting a new chapter.