Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Bare and his Basketball

When I tell someone Baron really loves basketball, what I mean to say is that Baron has an obsession with basketball. It was one of his first 5 words, starting out as b'ball, working up to ba-het-ball, and now a proper basketball. He is about 20 months old now and his obsession is as strong as ever.

He started at a new day home in March. We told them all he needs is a ball and he's happy. After a day or two with Baron they marvelled, "That boy doesn't love basketball...he is OBSESSED!!!" He points out every single basketball hoop (and then some) on walks, car-rides, any outing, really. If you took a tally, you would find that he said basketball more than any other word, at least 100 times a day, at least!!

At the park Baron will stand in front of the hoops and pretend to shoot without a ball. He bends his knees and adds a bit of a bounce like his Dad before the "release". He also adds his own "swish" verbally. He is currently working on his dribbling, and trying so hard to jump. He can just about get air...he tries so hard! He catches the ball just as well as his 5 year old sister.

So what does this all mean? Probably nothing. But maybe, just maybe, Baron will take after his namesake, Baron Davis, and be the first person with Goldenhar's Syndrome in the NBA.

What? It could happen!


  1. love the little wife beater. he's so sweet.

  2. Nice moves. Layla is such a hen here.